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Lori Beeman has a new partner

Former boardmember Lori Beeman sends us a report of her new partner Tadi.

So!! This is Tadi( Toddy), he is a young male German Shepard. I am his first official partner and we have lots of work to do and we have fun when not training. He lives with me in my room to build rapport . We certify next week, hopefully. It’s pretty stressful doing the certifications so that’s why I say “hopefully “. He is a good boy. We are working 7 days a week. Just happy to collect a paycheck!!

Photos from the JHD trial at Action K9 Sports








Premium For Siesta Trial – July 15-17, 2016

You can download the Siesta Trial Premium here.

SPVHC Photos


Nugget waiting her turn

Beau watching those ducks

Beau watching those ducks

Pregnant Brenna moving sheep

Pregnant Brenna moving sheep

Linda and Jewelz

Linda and Jewelz

Marla speaking during the meeting

Marla speaking during a meeting

Bill and Russell

Bill and Russell

Margie writes a book!

Club member Margie Clutter has written a book about one’s spiritual relationship with dogs and what they teach us. It features a gorgeous cover by another Club member, Cathy Modica, AND along with Margie’s own dogs, it features several pages of Club members and their dogs! Barb Easton, Maureen Benetti and Mona Boord. It is available through Barnes & Noble. Congratulations Margie!

DOG//GOD Parables

Terry Parrish & the Blazin’ BC dogs at the National Sheep Dog Finals

Hi Folks! SPVHC NEWS!!! Our very own SPVHC Board member Terry Parrish, and several other members of SPVHC went to Klammath Falls to compete in the National Sheep Dog Finals.

NINE dogs out of Terry’s breeding were in Open and Nursery. How cool is that?

Patty Yokum hosted a party at which Terry was surprised with Tshirts with all the Blazin dogs entered. (see photo below)


Welcome to the San Pasqual Valley Herding Club

Welcome to the website for the San Pasqual Valley Herding Club, an all-breed herding club based at Action K9 Sports in Escondido.